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Some of the success stories of world traders

Some of the success stories of world traders

Currency market forex or referred to not only reach out to some of the parts of the world. But almost all traders can enter simultaneously in the forex market. From the information received, the traders who conduct transactions in forex daily reach billions of people. Surely some of them become traders who success. In this opportunity, will tell you some of the success stories of world traders that might encourage us to follow their footsteps.

The forex market is not knowing where we came from, how the amount of the initial deposit. So all traders have the opportunity to become a successful trader. From success, traders not only transfixed from how much profit earn in forex from each day but can also be based on trading strategies and how to guess the direction of currency movements.

Success in the promised by financial markets forex is not a false hope. But success is proven. Because some traders in the world have already tasted success in the world of forex trading. Let us discuss, anyone who’s been a successful trader in the forex world.

Some of the success stories of world traders

What do you guys want to follow success stories top world traders below.?

1. George Soros

Some of the success stories of world traders
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One of the world’s legendary traders were recognized in the history of forex is George Soros. George Soros has been known since his success started to predict the existence of the destruction of the bank of England. Soros managed to foresee the situation the United Kingdom interest rates are very high and it is not very profitable where the United Kingdom has joined ERM and ERM has left the Bank of England.

Earning Soros at that time reached £ 1 billion from a Sell position in currencies pound sterling. Benefit as much as it just an open position in pounds sterling is absolutely a terrific success. What no one wants to follow the success of Soros in forex trading? Prepare the attitudes and knowledge about forex you guys first.

2. Stanley Druckenmiller

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In the next position, there is a world of a successful trader named Stanley Druckenmiller. These people consider George Soros is accompanying. Soros and Druckenmiller are working together in the Quantum Fund for more than a decade. Druckenmiller then formed a formidable reputation in his own company and successfully manage billions of dollars for a Fund of its own. The company is Duquesne Capital.

Druckenmiller boasted an extraordinary record of the year to year collecting profits Duquesne before retiring. Druckenmiller about net worth more than $2 billion.

3. Bill Lipschutz

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The top three successful traders in forex trading are Bill Lipschutz. Bill Lipschutz is a trader could make profits up to hundreds of millions of dollars in FX Department of Salomon Brothers in the 1980s, though he had no previous experience of the currency market forex.

Because his success, he is often referred to as the Sultan of currencies. Lipschutz explained that forex is a very psychological market. Like other successful traders, Lipschutz believed the perception the market help determine price action as well as fundamental analysis.

Here are some key principles of success Lipschutz.

  1. Each trade is a need for good reason before placing a trade or contract closing trade.
  2. How to build the open position entry and exit in the same way.
  3. Then begin to subside after there were signs that the fundamentals and price action began to change.
  4. Learn to be aware of the focus of the market.
  5. Forex is a market that’s always open 24 hours and does not stop moving even though we were already asleep.
  6. Lipschutz has also stressed the need for a technical and how to manage the risk of trading.

That’s the 3 legendaries in the world of forex traders who have proven that the forex market can make us successful. Moreover, forex is also can be done anytime and anywhere. Although trading in his spare time, it could have been done.

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